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Gobble, Gobble – It’s Time to Take Care of That Turkey Neck!

With the holiday season officially upon us, it’s very easy to let our guard down, abandon all self-control, indulge in feast after feast and even stop following that strict skin care regime that we’ve worked so hard to establish all year long. The skin on your neck, like the skin on your face, is very sensitive and susceptible to signs of aging. The most common sign of aging in this delicate area is the dreaded turkey neck. Now let’s be honest, we would all rather eat the turkey than be the turkey at our Thanksgiving table, right? This is why it’s important to take care of your skin and prevent turkey neck. If the skin on your neck has already started to show signs of drooping, then we will help you get rid of the turkey neck and regain the smooth, tight skin that you enjoyed when you were younger. 

Turkey neck affects the underlying muscles and elasticity of the skin on your neck, which is why it ends up looking loose, dangling and shows wrinkly folds that look very much like a turkey’s wattle. First, let’s talk about what causes turkey neck – the most common factors that will influence aging in your neck area are:

  • Skin elasticity – One of the first components that suffers with aging is our production of collagen, this is a protein found in skin that provides structure and support for the tissue on top of it. As collagen production slows down, your skin will lose the youthful elasticity it once had. 
  • Muscle tightness – The muscles that support your neck and the skin over it weaken as time passes. As they weaken, they are less able to support the skin over your neck, causing it to loosen and appear saggy. 
  • Fat distribution – Any excess fat in or around the neck area will cause the skin to stretch and fold over, which will result in folds that resemble a turkey’s wattle. A consistent exercise regime, a healthy diet and slowly losing weight can help to decrease the fat deposits near your neck and tighten the skin. If excess fat is something you are looking to treat, ask us about Kybella – the first and only FDA approved injectable treatment to improve the appearance of moderate to severe fat beneath your chin.
  • Bone position – The position of various bones in your neck can also have an effect on the skin under your chin. 

How to Fight Turkey Neck

One way to fight turkey neck is by taking preventative measures early on, including consistent exercise that targets the neck muscles to help build them back up. This will also improve blood circulation in the area, which can give it a tighter and more trim appearance.  Here are a few exercises you can easily do at home:

  • Chewing – Lift your head so your chin is pointing towards the ceiling and keep your lips closed as you make a chewing motion with your mouth. 
  • Kissing – Lift your head so your chin is pointing towards the ceiling and keep your lips closed, then pout as if you are going to give a kiss. 
  • Neck lifts – Lie on your bed with your head hanging over the edge and carefully and slowly life your head as high as you can. If you experience neck pain while doing this exercise do not continue. 

If you are already struggling with loose neck skin and muscles, there are a few options that are available to you. Surgical procedures are the quickest and most effective treatments for turkey neck, but this requires cutting, scarring and recovery time. Two easy options that offer results include Botox and skin tightening laser therapy. Botox is non-invasive and requires zero recovery time – results will last about 3-4 months and repeat injections will be necessary to maintain skin firmness. Laser skin therapy also has no recovery time, but this treatment requires repeat therapy over 4-6 months for great results. 

If you are looking to prevent turkey neck, or would like to treat sagging neck skin, visit us at Pure Luxe Medical for a consultation. Our staff will be happy to assess your skin and provide suggestions for treatment that will be best suited for your unique needs. We are also happy to offer new patient promotions every month for numerous treatments and products. If you’re looking to enhance your skin or looking for some extra pampering through the holiday season, contact us today – we look forward to meeting you! 

Dinah Manalo

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