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Dermaplaning Specialist

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Dermaplaning is the latest trend in physically exfoliating your skin without requiring any kind of downtime. Because you experience instant results with your dermaplaning session at Pure Luxe Medical in El Segundo, California, you leave the med spa with visibly smoother, brighter skin. Schedule your next dermaplaning session by requesting an appointment online or by calling the office directly.

Dermaplaning Q & A

What happens during a dermaplaning session?

Your dermaplaning treatment is personalized to your specific skin concerns, so before getting started, your dedicated practitioner sits down with you and has a discussion. They thoroughly evaluate your skin, learn about your skin care regimen, and let you know how dermaplaning can improve your skin imperfections.

After thoroughly cleansing your skin, it’s time for dermaplaning. This involves using a thin, sterile, surgical-grade scalpel and moving it in swift, short motions across your skin. With each pass of the scalpel, a thin layer of old damaged skin is removed, allowing fresh, healthy tissues to shine through.

How can dermaplaning improve my skin?

One of the many reasons dermaplaning is such an in-demand skin care service at Pure Luxe Medical is because it’s ideal for almost all skin types. Even if you have sensitive or acne-prone skin, dermaplaning might be right for you. Plus, dermaplaning is one of the few beauty treatments you can get while you’re pregnant or nursing — no chemicals involved.

Your customized dermaplaning treatment can:

  • Exfoliate dead skin
  • Clean out congested pores
  • Remove the layer of peach fuzz
  • Improve the absorption of skin care products
  • Help enhance smoother, more even makeup applications

A single dermaplaning session resolves lackluster skin, so you can walk away from your session at Pure Luxe Medical with dramatically more beautiful, more glowing skin.

Is there any downtime after dermaplaning?

Not at all. If you need a deep exfoliation treatment and don’t have time for the recovery of a medium-depth peel, dermaplaning might be right for you. No healing and no downtime are required.

Your dedicated skin care expert at Pure Luxe Medical can even help you select clinical-grade products you can use at home to help your dermaplaning results last for as long as possible. Once you start noticing the benefits of dermaplaning starting to wear off, anywhere from four to six weeks later, you can always come back to the med spa for another customized dermaplaning service.

Book your dermaplaning treatment at Pure Luxe Medical today. Click on the online scheduler, or call the med spa to book.

Individual results may vary.