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4 Reasons You Want Medical Grade Skin Care Products

There are hundreds if not thousands of skin care products on the market. How can you tell which products are high quality and which are a waste of money? Any expert will tell you that while some high end skin care products are overpriced, others are worth every penny. Finding a line of high quality skin care products that work for you is the secret to looking and feeling your best.

The best skin care products are those that keep your skin replenished even in harsh conditions, and using medical grade skin care products is one of the best ways to accomplish this. For the following reasons, you should consider incorporating medical grade products in your skin care routine. 

Reason #1: They are sold by a licensed medical professional.

Unlike over the counter skin care products, medical grade skin care products are only available from stores that operate under a physician’s license. This means that Pure Luxe Medical and other establishments like it are under the supervision of a medical director. You will be able to get individually tailored advice from our team of professionals as well as getting an expertly crafted skin treatment whenever your skin needs a boost.

Note that skin care products that are developed by medical professionals are not necessarily medical grade. Medical grade products must be sold by medical professionals, not just developed by them.

Reason #2: They often contain higher concentrations of active ingredients.

As we discussed, medical grade products must be sold by licensed professionals. This is an important distinction since certain components of common skin care products are regulated by the FDA. A licensed medical professional is allowed to recommend a wider range of products than an unlicensed retailer. This typically means that a medical grade skin care product can contain a higher concentration of its active ingredient than a comparable over the counter product.

In many cases, this higher concentration means that the active ingredient can reach a deeper layer of skin. Many skin problems originate in your skin’s deepest layers, so a skin care product that can reach every layer of your skin can be the most effective. Treating only the surface layers of your skin tends to mask the problem rather than completely rectifying it.

However, it can be difficult to accurately compare the concentrations of active ingredients between medical grade and over the counter products. This is because the labels on over the counter products do not always include the concentration of each active ingredient. If you have unsuccessfully used an over the counter product in the past, it can sometimes be a good idea to try a similar medical grade product before giving up entirely.

Reason #3: They are clinically proven to be effective.

Many skin care products are tested on animals or not tested at all. Each of our skin care products has been clinically proven to protect your skin and help to heal damage caused by environmental factors. This means that medical professionals and their clients have had past successes with these products and are comfortable recommending them to new clients. A product with a good track record is more likely to be effective, so you will want to make sure that any product you select is the best in its category.

Reason #4: You can find a combination of clinical and at home products.

Many over the counter products are designed to be used as a stand alone line, but the most effective treatments usually combine clinical and at home treatments. When using medical grade skin care products, a professional will be able to recommend an at home treatment that will compliment your in store treatments. An in store facial or other treatment can be a great way to jumpstart your skin care regimen, so the option to take this combined approach should not be overlooked. 

All of the skin care products we sell at Pure Luxe Medical are made of the highest quality ingredients, ensuring that each product is perfectly formulated to keep your skin looking and feeling radiant. We focus on keeping your skin healthy, balanced, and well protected in addition to making sure you always look your best. Daily life can leave your skin feeling dry and lackluster, but our medical grade skin care products can help to protect your skin from UV radiation, airborne chemicals, and a buildup of oils and skin cells. Browse our website or contact one of our team members to learn more about how you can choose the skin care regimen that is right for you.

Dinah Manalo

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