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We offer high quality wax so you will barely feel a thing!
Your first waxing treatment is 10% off

Waxing for Beauties

Eyebrow Wax | Clean up | Shape $30

Eyebrow Tweeze | Clean up | Shape $30

Eyebrow Wax Combo + Upper Lip $45

Upper Lip $20

Bikini Line $40
Is a basic tidying. We wax the sides (called your panty line) and across the top.
If you're wearing a bikini, this prevents any hairs from peeking out.

Bikini Standard $51
Allows you to take off as much or as little hair as you like from the front.
If you want to leave a small strip, triangle, square, or nothing at all, it's up to you.

Brazilian $75
Goes from the front all the way to the back with an added butt strip.
You have the option to leave a neat triangle, strip, or square on the front.

Underarms $27

Chin $25

Combo Wax $30
Excludes eyebrows. Choose from upper lip, chin, face cheek, sideburn,
forehead, ears, or jawline.

Full Face $75
Includes Eyebrows, upper lip, chin, face cheeks, sideburn and chin.

Abs $27

Happy Trail $16

Half Arms $37

Full Arms $58

Hand & Fingers $27

Half Legs $45

Full Legs $75

Half Back $32

Full Back $58

Waxing for Gents

Eyebrow Wax $37

Eyebrow Tweeze $58

Ears $32

Forehead $32

Chest (Strip) $27

Chest Full $36

Underarms $32

Neck $32

Abs $32

Happy Trail $32

Half Back $32

Full Back $63


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